Mercy Prayer Resources

Prayer is a plant the seed of which is sown in the heart of every Christian, but its growth entirely depends on the care we take to nourish it.

Catherine McAuley

Mercy themed topical and seasonal prayers are included with each issue of Imaging Mercy Today published monthly in the news section of this website. Some samples can be found below. 

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Atawhai mo te Ao

E te Atua, Kaitiaki i te Kawenata -
Promise-keeper, always true to your word:
your goodness to us is mirrored
in our working for the common good,
Māori and Pakeha together,
enriched by the kete each one brings.
In honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi
as a beacon on our journey,
may we grow and prosper in its light
as one nation of many peoples.

As we give thanks for the riches
we share in this bountiful land,
guide us through your Spirit
to care for our Earth.
Let our choices and actions
help all life-forms to flourish.
May we learn to tread gently,
using and renewing resources
so that Papatūānuku may nurture
generations still to come. Amen.

Come Holy Spirit

Haere mai, e te Wairua Tapu:
Come Holy Spirit -
fill our hearts with your love,
our minds with your truth.
Keep us from losing our nerve
as we walk by new paths
to wherever it is you call us.

Haere mai, e te Wairua Tapu -
gift our eyes with new sight,
our ears with unaccustomed sound.
Let us not mistake our insights
for all there is to know,
as you continue to lead us
to the complete truth.

Come, Holy Spirit -
give us listening hearts,
with love that reaches out
to include and embrace.
May what we believe show
in deeds, not just in words.
Let what we do in Mercy’s name
help God’s reign to come.

Tonoa mai tou Wairua,
a ka whakahou o matou ngakau.
Send forth your Spirit,
to set our hearts ablaze.

Ka hohou ano hoki
te mata o te whenua!
And renew the face of the Earth!

Agenda for a new creation

E Te Atua, Kaihanga o te ao,
God, Creator of our world,
we pray for Papatūānuku,
our fruitful mother Earth,
sustaining every living creature
but threatened today
from global abuse by humans
of its fragile resources.
Let us renew our resolve
to ensure that whatever we do
will enhance Earth’s life
for now and generations to come.
May our dreams help Earth’s promise
to unfold, enabling your mercy
to bless our world with abundance. Amen.

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